Melvindale, Michigan, located in Wayne County, is part of the Detroit metropolitan area. The city was officially incorporated in 1927 and has a population of 12,851 as of the 2020 census. Melvindale is known for its close-knit community and industrial economy, historically supported by the automotive industry. The city offers affordable housing and is characterized by a diverse and multicultural community.

As a small city, Melvindale provides a variety of services to its residents, including public safety, parks, and community events aimed at fostering a sense of community and civic engagement.


Melvindale is geographically located at latitude 42.2825 and longitude -83.1752. The city encompasses a total area of 2.72 square miles, with a small fraction being water. Its compact urban layout facilitates easy access to amenities and services, making it convenient for residents to navigate and enjoy the community.

The city's location within the Greater Detroit area provides residents with opportunities for employment and access to larger metropolitan resources while maintaining a small-town atmosphere.


The population of Melvindale reflects a demographic diversity that includes a significant representation of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This diversity is celebrated through community activities and local cuisine, contributing to a rich cultural experience for residents and visitors.

Melvindale's community is primarily composed of working-class families, and the city's economic landscape is supported by local businesses and industries. The city is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for all its residents, enhancing their quality of life through various public services and community programs.

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