Ecorse, Michigan, is a city located in Wayne County within the Detroit metropolitan area. As of the 2010 census, Ecorse had a population of 9,512, but it is part of a larger Downriver community that includes several southern suburbs of Detroit. The city's history dates back to 1795, initially settled as Grandport before developing significantly in the early 20th century alongside the growth of the Ford Motor Company in nearby Dearborn. Today, Ecorse is known for its historical significance and its contribution to the industrial sector, particularly in steel production and shipbuilding.

The name Ecorse is derived from the French word "écorces," referring to the bark that traders transported along the river, highlighting the city's longstanding relationship with river trade and industrial development.


Ecorse is situated along the Detroit River, providing a strategic location for industrial operations and waterfront activities. This placement has historically supported its industrial economy and continues to influence the city's development and land use. The city's geographical setting features an industrial landscape intertwined with residential areas, reflecting its evolution from a trading post to a modern urban community.

The city covers a compact area, which allows for a concentrated urban plan fostering community cohesion and efficient use of space. Its proximity to Detroit offers additional economic and cultural opportunities for residents and businesses.


The population of Ecorse is characterized by a diverse community with a rich mix of cultural backgrounds, influenced by its historical waves of immigration and industrial growth. The city's residents have a range of economic statuses, with a significant portion engaged in manufacturing and industrial jobs that reflect the local economic base.

Ecorse's demographic profile includes a blend of older residential neighborhoods and newer developments, providing a snapshot of its transition from a historical industrial center to a more diversified urban area. The city's educational and social services cater to a community that values resilience and adaptability, necessary traits in a city with a rich industrial legacy and evolving economic landscape.

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