Dearborn Heights, Michigan, is a city located in Wayne County, and is an inner-ring suburb of Detroit. It is approximately 12 miles west of downtown Detroit. The city shares a small border with Detroit and is considered a bedroom community. As of the 2020 census, Dearborn Heights had a population of 63,292. It features a diverse community and serves as a residential area for those who work in the Detroit metropolitan region.

The city's development has been influenced by its proximity to major industrial centers, particularly the automotive industry, which has historically been central to the region's economy.


Dearborn Heights is located in the southeastern part of Michigan, occupying a total area that supports a blend of residential and commercial development. Its geographic location makes it a strategic suburb for those commuting to Detroit or other nearby areas. The city's layout is typical of many suburban areas, with residential neighborhoods surrounding central commercial districts.

The area features several parks and recreational facilities, contributing to the community's quality of life and providing residents with opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities.


The city of Dearborn Heights is home to a population of 63,292, reflecting a diverse demographic makeup. This diversity is a significant aspect of the city's character, contributing to a vibrant cultural scene. The median household income and economic characteristics of the city are influenced by its suburban nature and the economic opportunities in the Detroit area.

Dearborn Heights is known for its family-friendly environment, with a variety of educational institutions and community resources that support a high quality of life for its residents.

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